Plastic Free July and Bubble Wrap

Here at Green Fulfilment, we are committed to reducing our reliance on single-use plastic all year and as Plastic Free July approaches we’re considering how we use Bubble Wrap.

Each year, enough Bubble Wrap is created globally to cover the distance between the earth and the moon.

Since its invention in 1957, t’s estimated that around 240,000 miles of Bubble Wrap are produced each year in the UK alone (Transpack, 2017).

Bubble Wrap is a form of plastic waste because it is made from low-density Polyethylene (LDP). LDP is durable and highly malleable plastic which means that it is very flexible and is often used to create plastic films such as Bubble Wrap, sandwich bags and clingfilm.

It’s entirely possible to recycle Bubble Wrap and if it’s disposed of incorrectly in general waste, it will end up in landfill where it’s estimated it will take upwards of 500 years to completely decompose.

We encourage all our suppliers and clients to take full responsibility for any Bubble Wrap used within their daily operations and ensure that its disposal is part of a robust waste management plan.

We offer a range of alternative packaging solutions which include recyclable materials. Talk to us today and we’ll advise you of more sustainable ways to deliver to your customers.

Photo by Kier In Sight on Unsplash