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Focus on Your Passion, We'll Handle the Rest: The Power of Order Fulfilment

At Green Fulfilment, we understand that logistics can be a complex and time-consuming aspect of running a business. That’s why we offer a partnership model. You focus on your expertise – crafting and selling amazing products – while we become your fulfilment experts.

Our team utilises proven processes and technology to ensure accurate and on-time order fulfilment, keeping your customers happy. This translates to satisfied customers, repeat business for you, and ultimately, growth for both of us.

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As the UK’s most eco-conscious fulfilment service, we’re built to propel growing brands like yours. We leverage technology at every stage for pinpoint accuracy, lightning-fast order processing, and unwavering reliability.

But that’s not all. We’re laser-focused on optimising fulfilment for lightweight, fast-moving products, a perfect match for businesses on the rise. This specialisation allows us to efficiently handle thousands of orders daily, ensuring your products reach customers quickly and seamlessly.

Five-step process

Order fulfilment process

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Step 1

Goods In

Ship your products directly to our fulfilment centres, and we’ll handle the rest. Before your stock even arrives, you’ll have created an account and uploaded all your product details, barcodes, and photos onto our user-friendly Green Portal. This ensures a smooth receiving process.

Upon arrival, our team meticulously scans and logs your inventory into designated locations within our warehouse. Real-time updates in the Green Portal provide complete transparency, allowing you to track stock receipts, inventory levels, and all related activity.

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Step 2


Rest assured, your products are securely stored in our fulfilment warehouses, prepared for immediate dispatch upon your sales orders. Powered by the Green Portal, we maintain complete transparency and real-time inventory tracking. This means you have instant access to see exactly where your products are located and their current quantities. Furthermore, the Green Portal logs all stock movements, providing you with a clear picture of your inventory activity.

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Step 3

Pick & Pack

Once your stock is available, our fulfilment process shifts to order dispatch. This involves two key steps: picking and packing.

Picking refers to locating the products for a specific order within the warehouse and handing them over for packing. Our team utilises efficient systems to streamline this process, ensuring accuracy and speed.

Packing involves preparing the picked orders for shipping. Here, our skilled packers ensure your products are safe and secure for their journey to your customers. This is where it all comes together – technology, people, and proven processes working in harmony to meet and exceed customer expectations every time.

Industry-Leading Accuracy and Sustainable Options:

Through our expertise, technology, and well-honed processes, we boast an impressive 99.9% picking and packing accuracy rate. This ensures your customers receive the correct items quickly and efficiently.

Furthermore, we understand the importance of eco-friendly practices. That’s why we offer the widest range of green packaging options available, including paper tape and plastic-free solutions.

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Step 4


The final stage of our fulfilment process ensures your orders reach your customers swiftly and efficiently. Green Fulfilment offers a significant advantage: access to our vast network of international carriers, providing both standard and express delivery options.

We take the guesswork out of shipping. Our system automatically assigns the most cost-effective and time-sensitive service for each order, guaranteeing on-time arrival in pristine condition. Plus, you and your customers can track progress every step of the way through our user-friendly tracking system.

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Step 5


The final piece of the puzzle is returns management – processing customer returns for restocking or recycling when unusable. Did you know a staggering 67% of e-commerce returns are due to seller errors?

Here at Green Fulfilment, we work closely with you to significantly reduce the number of returns happening in the first place.

Our two-pronged strategy tackles returns head-on:


  • Unmatched Accuracy: We boast a near-perfect 99.99% order accuracy guarantee, minimising the chance of incorrect deliveries leading to returns.
  • Superior Packaging: Our robust packaging solutions ensure your products reach customers in pristine condition, further reducing the likelihood of damage-related returns.

Efficient Processing:

  • Swift Returns Handling: We prioritise immediate processing of returned items, providing you with full transparency on the status of each return at every stage.
  • Faster Refunds: This efficient system allows you to expedite refunds, keeping customers satisfied.

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Unify your operations across channels, couriers, and orders. Gain real-time inventory insights with the Green Platform, our cloud-based fulfilment solution.

Connect your marketplaces and website in minutes.

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Expand reach. Simplify logistics. Reduce costs.

Green Fulfilment: Your seamless B2B partner.

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  • Your Fulfilment Expert: Our account managers average 9 years of experience in the industry, providing expert advice and solutions tailored to your specific needs.
  • Highly Responsive: We guarantee 100% of your queries receive a response within 2 hours, with most issues resolved within 4 hours.
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Streamline your operations

Unify your operations across channels, couriers, and orders. Gain real-time inventory insights with the Green Platform, our cloud-based fulfilment solution.

Connect your marketplaces and website in minutes.

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We are on a mission to create a genuine partnership with all of our customers.

We want to leverage technology, people and processes to deliver the very best service to our customers. However, we want to do this through relationships. People work with people, and we would never want to replace that with technology.

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