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In today’s eCommerce landscape, selling on multiple platforms is essential for reaching a wider audience. But managing orders across different channels can be a headache. That’s where Green Portal comes in!

One Platform, All Your Orders

Green Portal seamlessly integrates with over 70 popular shopping carts and marketplaces, acting as a centralized hub for all your sales channels. This means:

  • Automatic Order Syncing: Orders from all channels flow directly into Green Portal.
  • Real-Time Updates: Order status, tracking information, and inventory levels sync across all your platforms.
  • Eliminate Manual Data Entry: Say goodbye to time-consuming, error-prone manual updates.
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How does integration with Green Fulfilment work?

One Platform, All Your Orders

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Flexible Integrations for Any System

Even if we don’t have a ready-made integration for your specific setup, we offer versatile options:

  • Open API: Get connected using our developer-friendly open API.
  • Bespoke API Connections: We’ll build a custom integration tailored to your system.
  • CSV File Transfers: Seamlessly exchange order, tracking, and inventory data via FTP.
  • Manual Uploads: Simple and convenient CSV file uploads for smaller operations.

Benefits of Integrating with Green Portal

  • Save Time: Focus on growing your business, not tedious data management.
  • Reduce Errors: Our streamlined system minimizes costly fulfilment mistakes.
  • Enhance Customer Experience: Provide accurate, real-time order updates to your customers.
  • Optimize Inventory Management: Ensure consistent stock visibility across all channels.

Our Popular Integrations

Now the world’s largest shopping cart software. One of our biggest integrations in terms of order volumes.

Shopping cart plugin of choice for WordPress sites. Our robust integration sends live data back to your WordPress website.

The old horse is still flying high with over 138 million buyers worldwide. Our eBay integration pulls orders within a minute of them going into eBay.

Our integration with Amazon has multiple modules including Fulfilled by Merchants, Seller Fulfilled Prime and Seller Flex.

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Green Fulfilment offers a one-stop shop for all your order fulfilment needs.

We efficiently manage every stage – from receiving inventory to shipping and returns – ensuring a smooth and stress-free experience.

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