Order Picking and Packing Services

Green Fulfilment: Pick & Pack with Precision

The Heart of Efficient Order Fulfilment

The pick and pack process is the backbone of any successful fulfilment operation. At Green Fulfilment, we understand its critical role in delivering exceptional customer experiences. Here’s what sets us apart:

Unmatched Accuracy: 99.99% Pick Rate Guarantee

We take pride in our industry-leading 99.99% pick accuracy rate. This is achieved through a powerful combination of:

  • Technology: Our Green Portal guides pickers using handheld scanners, ensuring they follow the most efficient routes and pick the correct items every time.
  • People: Our dedicated team is highly trained and supported by technology, minimizing errors.
  • Processes: We continuously refine our processes for speed, accuracy, and consistency.

Sustainable Packaging Solutions

We believe in responsible practices and offer eco-friendly packaging options:

  • Right-sized boxes: We use the perfect box size for each order, reducing waste and unnecessary void fill.
  • Paper-based materials: We say no to plastic! Our packing stations are stocked with paper tape, paper void fill, and compostable mailers made from sugarcane.
  • Durable paper mailers: Our customers love the surprising strength and weather resistance of our paper mailers.

People and Technology in Harmony

Our technology seamlessly integrates with our experienced team to achieve optimal results:

  • Paperless Picking: We save paper and boost efficiency by using the Green Portal for order picking instead of printed lists.
  • AI-powered Optimization: Our AI technology guides pickers along the most time-saving routes within the warehouse.
  • Ergonomic Packing Stations: Our packers have everything they need within reach, ensuring a smooth and efficient packing workflow.
  • Standardised Processes: Consistent processes across all our warehouses guarantee a seamless experience regardless of location.

Join the Green Fulfilment Movement: See How Brands Achieve Success

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Green Fulfilment offers a one-stop shop for all your order fulfilment needs.

We efficiently manage every stage – from receiving inventory to shipping and returns – ensuring a smooth and stress-free experience.

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