Going Green

Earth Day 2022

Every Day Earth Day: Our Commitment to Sustainability

As a leading logistics company, we understand the environmental challenges we face. Every day, not just on Earth Day, we strive to be mindful of our impact. Earth Day, celebrated each 22nd of April since 1970, unites millions globally to raise awareness about critical environmental issues like climate change, air

The Environmental Cost of eCommerce Returns

Each year, 5 billion pounds of waste is generated through returns. The solution? Welcome to the world of reverse-logistics. Online shopping is becoming more and more popular worldwide, I know because my business we ship globally. But with this increasing popularity comes an increased environmental impact, as the number of

Plastic Free July – Workplace Procurement

Here at Green Fulfilment, our team are on our own educational journey with best environmental practises and in this blog we’re sharing some of the practises we are introducing. Starting with procurement, you may be surprised by the amount of single-use plastic your company regularly obtains, and even more surprised

Why Green Logistics is the Way Forward

In a world that’s ever-more, digital, and fast-paced, the role of logistics is more important than ever before. But as the sector grows, so too does its environmental impact. As the world becomes more and more eco-conscious, many businesses are looking for ways to reduce their environmental impact. It’s estimated

8 Ways Your Business Will Benefit from Green Logistics

Also known as eco-logistics, the term green logistics refers to sustainable policies and other measures adopted by businesses to reduce the environmental impact of storage, transportation, and distribution of goods and other logistics activities. There are many ways your business can benefit from green logistics, including reducing costs, improving efficiency,

Plastic Free July and Bubble Wrap

Here at Green Fulfilment, we are committed to reducing our reliance on single-use plastic all year and as Plastic Free July approaches we’re considering how we use Bubble Wrap. Each year, enough Bubble Wrap is created globally to cover the distance between the earth and the moon. Since its invention

Plastic Free July: Single-use Plastic Coffee Cups

At Green Fulfilment, we are committed to reducing our environmental impact and promoting sustainable practices. One area we are focussing on is the reduction of single-use plastic and encouraging our colleagues to choose reusable water bottles and coffee cups. Britain gets through 2.5 billion of them every year, and the

I’m Dreaming of a Green Christmas

Isn’t it about time consumers had a proper meaningful choice in their shopping habits? The purchasing conventions of Christmas from the past would be unrecognisable to the customers of today. As the concept of food storage was almost unknown a massive portion of Christmas spending went on food. Pies, Pasties