Frequently Asked Questions


Who owns Green Fulfilment?

Green Fulfilment is owned by Rukhsar Ahmed and Cain Fleming. They are the co-founders and hold all the shares of the company, making them the sole shareholders.

How long have you been in business?

We’ve dedicated ourselves to order fulfilment since 2012, specializing in eco-conscious eCommerce fulfilment since 2016.

Is Green Fulfilment private equity or VC funded?

No, Green Fulfilment is one of the few third-party logistics (3PL) companies that isn’t funded by private equity or venture capital (VC) firms. This means the company is independent and not beholden to the demands of external investors.


Being independent gives Green Fulfilment more flexibility to make decisions and focus on long-term goals, rather than short-term profits to please investors. This leads us to a more stable and sustainable business model.

What sets Green Fulfilment apart?

We prioritize sustainability, accuracy, and supporting our clients’ growth through seamless and cost-effective fulfilment solutions.

Who are your ideal clients?

Green Fulfilment is a great fit for established brands already shipping at least 300 orders per month. We specialise in helping businesses grow their sales and ensure smooth fulfilment for products that are typically shoebox size or smaller.

Is Green Fulfilment a good fit for my business, even if I'm just starting out?

Absolutely! While we handle high-volume orders for many clients (including some who’ve grown significantly with us!), we’re also happy to work with businesses at any stage. Our scalable technology and established processes ensure a smooth fulfilment experience, regardless of your order volume.

Here’s an example: one of our valued customers started with us at around 3,000 orders per month and has since grown to 12,000 orders per month. We’ve been able to adapt and support their impressive growth seamlessly.


Can you help with international compliance?

Yes! Whether you’re a non-UK business shipping into the UK, or a UK business expanding abroad, we have the expertise to help you navigate shipping compliance. For more complex needs, we can connect you with specialized experts.

Do you offer international shipping?

Absolutely! We ship worldwide, offering a choice between economy and express shipping services to meet your needs and budget.

How do you support eco-friendly practices in packaging?

We prioritize sustainable packaging solutions, including recycled cardboard boxes, biodegradable mailing bags, and compostable options. We’re always exploring new eco-friendly innovations!

Can you customise packaging with my branding?

  • Yes, we can work with your brand to design and source custom packaging that reflects your business’s values.

How do you handle orders from different sales channels?

  • Our Green Portal seamlessly integrates with over 80 platforms (including Shopify, eBay, Amazon, WooCommerce). This ensures orders automatically sync, inventories stay updated, and you have access to real-time tracking across all your channels.

Can you help reduce my shipping costs?

  • Yes! Our established relationships with major carriers and our shipping volume allow us to negotiate competitive rates for your business, passing the savings along to you.

What are the benefits of outsourcing my fulfilment?

  • Reduced Costs: Compared to running your own warehouse, Green Fulfilment can offer lower storage, shipping, and overall operational costs.
  • Improved Efficiency: We use experienced staff and advanced technology to ensure fast and accurate order fulfilment.
  • Scalability: Our services can adapt to your business growth without the limitations of a physical warehouse.
  • Focus on Your Business: By outsourcing fulfilment, you can focus on core business activities like marketing and sales.

What is eCommerce fulfilment?

  • Ecommerce fulfilment is the process of storing, picking, packing, and shipping orders for online businesses.

What is the order fulfilment process?

Why is accuracy important in order fulfilment?

  • Order fulfilment accuracy is crucial for customer satisfaction. Inaccurate orders can lead to negative reviews and lost business.
  • Green Fulfilment boasts a 99.99% order accuracy rate.

Do you offer any personalization services?

  • Yes, we offer heat transfer vinyl personalization and are open to exploring other personalization options.
Inventory Management

What sectors do you offer your services to?

  • Green Fulfilment is proud to be sector agnostic, meaning we can work with businesses from a wide range of industries. However, to ensure efficient fulfilment, we do have some criteria regarding product size and weight.

Do you have expertise in specific sectors?

  • Although we’re comfortable working with a variety of industries, we’ve developed particular expertise in fulfilling products for certain sectors. – Markets we serve

  • Feel free to contact us to discuss your specific needs and see if we’re a good fit for your business.

Do I have to insure my own stock?

  • Inventory insurance is optional. We offer coverage against common perils, or you can use your own insurance provider.

How do you charge for packaging?

  • You’ll be charged based on the type of packaging used for your orders. You can also use your own branded packaging.

Why do products need to be barcoded?

  • We use barcodes to ensure 99.9% order accuracy by scanning each item during the picking and packing process.

Are there any sectors you don't service?

  • While we can work with most industries, there are a few exceptions due to legal and safety considerations. We do not fulfil products in the following sectors:

    • Arms and Ammunition
    • Pornographic Materials
    • Hazardous Materials
    • Alcohol
    • Counterfeit Products

How can I get orders into your system?

    • We offer free integration with over 80 platforms through API connections. Alternatively, you can upload files manually or create orders one at a time.

How can I pay for Green Fulfilment's services?

    • Our preferred payment method is a bank online transfer (wire transfer) for easy and secure transactions.

What details will be included on my invoice?

    • Your invoice will be emailed to you clearly outlining the charges associated with each service. You’ll see line items for:

      • Goods In (receiving your products)
      • Storage fees
      • Pick & Pack charges (processing and packaging your orders)
      • Shipping costs
      • Any additional (ad hoc) charges

      For added transparency, each invoice is accompanied by a detailed spreadsheet. This spreadsheet provides a breakdown of all costs linked to each individual order within your invoice period.

How often will I receive invoices?

    • We offer both weekly and monthly billing cycles, depending on your order volume. You will receive either a weekly or monthly invoice in arrears, meaning the invoice will arrive after the billing period ends.