Sportstech is a global brand in fitness equipment. Blessed with German excellence, this brand sells across the world and is one of leaders in the sector within the UK as well.


Brexit presented a new challenge to this global business. The increased costs and delays in getting products to their UK customers meant that Sportstech had to look for a UK logistics partner that would be able to hit the ground running and offer the top-class service to align with their premium brand.

Sportstech: Speed, Accuracy, and Growth

Zero Downtime Onboarding:

Despite being a top-selling Amazon brand with minimal room for disruption, Green Fulfilment completed Sportstech’s onboarding process in just one week. This included seamless technology integration with Green Portal, SKU data creation, optimized shipping methods, and comprehensive staff training on Green Fulfilment processes and the Green Portal system.

Enhanced Customer Satisfaction:

Sportstech’s customers had previously faced delays due to Brexit. Green Fulfilment’s efficient fulfilment system led to a dramatic improvement in service, with a near-perfect 99.99% order accuracy rate. This is especially crucial for bulky, expensive-to-ship products where incorrect orders can be extremely costly.

Seamlessly Handling Spikes in Demand:

During the Covid lockdowns, Sportstech experienced a surge in demand for certain products. Green Fulfilment responded effectively on two fronts:

  • Increased Order Volume: When order volumes spiked by over 200%, Green Fulfilment maintained on-time deliveries despite the significant increase.
  • Efficient Backorder Management: When stock ran out, Green Fulfilment facilitated advanced orders. Upon receiving new stock, container loads were promptly unloaded, booked in the Green Portal, and used to fulfill hundreds of backorders on the same day.

Positive Outcomes:

Sportstech’s customers were thrilled with the exceptional speed and accuracy of their deliveries. This positive experience directly led to an invitation by Amazon to join their Seller Flex program, which Green Fulfilment successfully implemented in collaboration with both companies. Green Fulfilment’s support and responsiveness have significantly bolstered Sportstech’s reputation as a leading fitness equipment brand.

Rapid & Efficient Onboarding

Green Fulfilment completed Sportstech’s onboarding process in just one week, including system integration, staff training, and optimized shipping methods, minimizing downtime and ensuring a smooth transition.

Exceptional Order Accuracy & Customer Satisfaction

Green Fulfilment’s near-perfect 99.99% order accuracy significantly improved Sportstech’s customer service, especially critical for bulky, expensive-to-ship fitness equipment.

Scalability & Growth Support

Green Fulfilment effectively handled a 200% increase in order volume during Covid lockdowns and efficiently managed backorders, ensuring on-time deliveries and contributing to Sportstech’s growth and reputation as a top fitness brand.