Aab Collection

Aab Collection

Aab: From Modest Beginnings to Global Success with Green Fulfilment

Aab’s Journey:

Aab, a London-based modest fashion brand founded in 2007, has blossomed into a leading online retailer. Their name, derived from the Persian word for “water,” reflects their flowing, elegant designs that transcend borders.

The Challenge: Scaling Up

By 2019, Aab’s success led to logistical hurdles. Frequent relocation to accommodate growth was becoming unsustainable, particularly in London. Additionally, a website platform upgrade presented an opportunity to automate warehouse functions.

The Challenge: Regaining Trust and Scaling Up

Green Fulfilment: A Perfect Fit

Aab partnered with Green Fulfilment to streamline their logistics and website transition. This collaboration ensured:

  • Smooth Growth: Despite a 300% order volume increase, Green Fulfilment maintained Aab’s exceptional customer experience with a near-perfect 99.99% order accuracy rate. This accuracy also reduced returns by 6%.
  • Seamless Technology Integration: Green Fulfilment seamlessly integrated Aab’s new platform with their “Green Portal” system, adding custom touches like personalized delivery slips.
  • Expanding Sales Channels: Aab successfully entered the B2B market, fulfilling orders for retailers like John Lewis with Green Fulfilment’s established B2B infrastructure.

A Solution Built on Honesty and Expertise

Today, Aab boasts significantly higher order volumes and lower return rates. Green Fulfilment’s efficient operations have freed Aab to focus on brand growth.

Altaf Alim, Aab Founder, on the Partnership:

“Moving to a 3PL was a big decision, but Green Fulfilment has been a true partner. Their smooth transition, zero downtime, and continued flexibility have been crucial to our success.”

In essence, Green Fulfilment empowered Aab to navigate growth while maintaining their commitment to a superior customer experience.

From Modest Beginnings to Big Growth
  • Aab’s online fashion business boomed, but frequent relocations and a website upgrade presented logistical challenges.
Green Fulfilment: The Perfect Partner

Partnering with Green Fulfilment ensured smooth growth (300% order increase!), near-perfect order accuracy (reduced returns!), and seamless tech integration.

Thriving Brand, Empowered Focus
  • Green Fulfilment’s efficient operations allowed Aab to focus on brand growth, leading to a successful B2B entry and lower return rates.
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