Pure For Men


Pure for Men is a sexual wellness brand for LGBTQ community and beyond. Pure for Men say “we found a new manufacturing process that allowed us to provide 40% more fibre per capsule than what was on the market”. The brand has developed a reputation for being a foremost leader in digestive wellness in its community and beyond.


US based Pure for Men wanted to deliver their orders to their European customers faster. One of the options they considered was to open a warehouse in the UK. However, looking around for 3PL’s they found us to help them create a local footprint.

Pure for Men: Peace of Mind and Growth

Effortless Order Fulfilment:

Green Fulfilment provided Pure for Men with a seamless onboarding experience. Their products were quickly uploaded to our Green Portal system, and website integration ensured only relevant EU and UK orders were processed. Automated monthly fulfilment kicked in immediately, freeing Pure for Men to focus on other priorities.

Delighting Customers:

With next-day deliveries, immaculate packing, and a near-perfect 99.99% accuracy rate, Pure for Men’s customers experienced exceptional service, eliminating any initial outsourcing concerns.

Advanced Inventory Management:

Understanding the importance of expiry dates and lot control for wellness brands, Green Fulfilment offered Pure for Men the security of robust technology and processes. Our award-winning Green Portal guarantees First Expiry First Out (FEFO) inventory management, ensuring the right products are shipped every time. Additionally, real-time access to Green Portal grants Pure for Men complete visibility of stock levels and batch information.

Positive Outcomes:

Partnering with Green Fulfilment has significantly streamlined Pure for Men’s expansion into new markets. Their solid market foundation, fuelled by a growing and satisfied customer base, positions them for continued success.

Effortless Automation & Customer Satisfaction

Green Fulfilment’s smooth onboarding, automated fulfilment, and near-perfect accuracy (99.99%) ensured a seamless experience for Pure for Men and delighted their customers with next-day deliveries.

Advanced Inventory Management & Peace of Mind

Green Fulfilment’s award-winning technology (Green Portal) guaranteed First Expiry First Out (FEFO) inventory management and real-time stock visibility, providing Pure for Men with peace of mind regarding product quality and control.

Solid Market Expansion & Growth

Green Fulfilment’s expertise facilitated Pure for Men’s successful expansion into new markets, leading to a strong foundation with a growing and satisfied customer base.