Success Stories
About Pure for Men
Pure for Men is a sexual wellness brand for LGBTQ community and beyond. Pure for Men say “we found a new manufacturing process that allowed us to provide 40% more fibre per capsule than what was on the market”. The brand has developed a reputation for being a foremost leader in digestive wellness in its community and beyond.
US based Pure for Men wanted to deliver their orders to their European customers faster. One of the options they considered was to open a warehouse in the UK. However, looking around for 3PL’s they found us to help them create a local footprint.
Peace of mind
After the smooth onboarding of Pure for Men we got all the products loaded onto our technology platform Green Portal. Their website was integrated with Green Portal making sure only EU and UK orders are being pulled into our Green Portal. From month one, their prospective order fulfilment went into an autopilot mode. Customers were delighted with next day deliveries packed with perfection and accuracy of 99.99%. All the fears and doubts of outsourcing fulfilment were alleviated from month one.
Expiry date and lot-control
One of the main concerns for Pure for Men, like most wellness businesses, was that the fulfilment partner has robust technology and processes. It is imperative for such businesses to make sure that the correct batch of products are being shipped. With Pure for Men, it is First Expiry First Out FEFO. With our award-winning Green Portal, Pure for Men got the assurance of a system and technology driven operation that ensures the right batch goes out every single time. Also, with live access to the Green Portal Pure for Men have had full tracking what batch of stock is available and in what quantities.
Positive outcomes
Foraying into the new markets became smoother than Pure for Men had ever visualised thanks to their decision to partner with Green Fulfilment. A solid foundation has now been laid in the market with an ever growing and satisfied customer base.