Success Stories
About Lifebox
Being a qualified Nutritionist, Alicia created a subscription box that brought healthy, vegan and gluten free snacks to your door every month. Alicia’s passion for spreading wellness was evident in the effort that she would put in sourcing the right products and the way the boxes were curated.
Alicia wanted no compromises on sourcing the very best products for Lifebox customers. As the customer base expanded it became evident that the Lifebox family needed to expand as well. Alicia needed extra hands and to further improve delivery times.
How did Green Help?
Seamless Integration
Lifebox was partnering with someone for the first time to fulfil their orders. In order to gain their trust, we needed to be on point with integration of their website with our system Green Portal. We did so with minimal involvement of the Lifebox team and had both systems talking to each other within two days including testing the system integration…end to end.
Beautiful curation of Lifeboxes
One of the major concerns Alicia had for taking a fulfilment partner on was the quality and consistency of the box assembly. The love and care that Alicia put into assembling the boxes – would we be able to replicate that? Our established kitting and assembly service received the complete specification to be followed in assembly of the boxes. The trained and dedicated Kitting and Assembly team were able to recreate boxes which were exactly like what was provided by Alicia. Month on month since then, Alicia approves the boxes before they get assembled with no faults being found.
Consistent with the quality
Our kitting and assembly workflow has a strong Quality Control mechanism set within it. This ensures that all boxes have the correct components that should be in there. They are curated the same way. This ensures that no two boxes look different.
Timely shipping
Throughout the month, the loose products get delivered to one of the Green Fulfilment warehouses. Boxes are dispatched in bulk to make sure everyone receives them round about the same time of the month.
Sustained growth and happy Lifebox expanding family
With time on hand, Lifebox management has been able to achieve the goal of further improving the products and expanding the business. This pinpoint focus on quality and service has resulted in Lifebox expanding year on year. What is equally impressive is the very high customer retention of customers in an industry known for high customer churn.