Being a qualified Nutritionist, Alicia created a subscription box that brought healthy, vegan and gluten free snacks to your door every month. Alicia’s passion for spreading wellness was evident in the effort that she would put in sourcing the right products and the way the boxes were curated.


Alicia wanted no compromises on sourcing the very best products for Lifebox customers. As the customer base expanded it became evident that the Lifebox family needed to expand as well. Alicia needed extra hands and to further improve delivery times.

Building Success Together with Lifebox

Lifebox was venturing into a fulfilment partnership for the first time. Earning their trust meant ensuring a seamless integration between their website and our Green Portal system. We achieved this within two days, including thorough end-to-end testing, minimizing disruption for the Lifebox team.

Maintaining Alicia’s Vision:

Lifebox founder Alicia was understandably concerned about preserving the care and quality of their hand-curated boxes. Our experienced kitting and assembly team, equipped with detailed specifications, perfectly replicated Alicia’s vision. Consistent monthly approvals with zero defects since then demonstrate our commitment to upholding Lifebox’s high standards.

Quality & Consistency You Can Count On:

Green Fulfilment’s robust kitting and assembly process incorporates a rigorous quality control system. This ensures that every box is meticulously curated, containing precisely the correct components and maintaining a consistent appearance.

Timely Deliveries for a Happy Customer Base:

Loose products are delivered throughout the month to a Green Fulfilment warehouse. Bulk box dispatch ensures everyone receives their Lifebox around the same time each month.

Fuelling Lifebox’s Growth:

By freeing up their time, Lifebox management has been able to concentrate on product development and business expansion. Their unwavering focus on quality and service has resulted in impressive year-on-year growth and an enviable customer retention rate in a typically high-churn industry.

Seamless & Efficient Integration

Green Fulfilment integrated their system with Lifebox’s website in just 2 days, minimising disruption and ensuring a smooth transition.

Preserved Quality & Consistency

Green Fulfilment’s experienced team meticulously replicated Lifebox’s hand-curated boxes, maintaining Alicia’s vision and high quality standards.

Timely Deliveries & Business Growth

Green Fulfilment’s reliable fulfilment process ensured on-time deliveries, freeing up Lifebox’s time to focus on product development and achieve impressive year-on-year growth.