Kudd.ly Blankets

Rising Demand, Fulfilment Challenges

Thriving with Comfort: Kudd.ly blankets are known for their luxurious comfort. Made with BPA-free, breathable Micro cool fleece and tiny, round glass beads, they provide a gentle hug-like sensation. As demand for these cosy blankets soared, Kudd.ly faced a hurdle: their initial fulfilment centre struggled to keep up. Inventory became unreliable, and pre-orders piled up.

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The Challenge: Keeping Up with Cosy

Kudd.ly needed a new fulfilment partner who could handle their rapid growth. Enter Green Fulfilment. Their task was significant: receive multiple container loads of Kudd.ly stock, efficiently book them within 24 hours, and prioritize fulfilling pre-orders with same-day dispatch by 4pm.

Solution: A Partnership for Peak Performance

The Kudd.ly team was impressed by Green Fulfilment’s dedication from the start. Their account manager, Rory, understood the critical need for seamless stock flow and pre-order fulfilment. Green Fulfilment swiftly scaled its resources, allocating additional personnel and securing extra trailers with carriers.

Results: Accuracy Under Pressure

The success story unfolded during a particularly demanding period – the peak of the pandemic and the holiday season. Despite tight deadlines, Green Fulfilment delivered exceptional results. Stock booking and order dispatch met accuracy goals beyond expectations, with an error rate of less than 0.001%.

A Trustworthy Embrace

Kudd.ly feels confident about their future with Green Fulfilment. As Kudd.ly expands, they have a reliable partner who can handle increasing volume while maintaining exceptional accuracy. The partnership extends beyond efficiency – it’s built on trust and a shared commitment to customer satisfaction.

Managing Director Chris Katona says

“Great partners ..we have grown very fast almost at the same time as we moved to Green and they have not let us down …I would recommend them to other brands who are looking to grow.”

Rising Demand, Strained Fulfilment

Kudd.ly’s comfy blankets saw surging sales, but their initial fulfilment centre couldn’t keep up, leading to inventory issues and unfulfilled pre-orders.

Green Fulfilment Steps Up

Partnering with Green Fulfilment, Kudd.ly gained a dedicated team that efficiently processed incoming stock and prioritized pre-order fulfilment with same-day dispatch.

Accuracy Under Pressure

Even during peak pandemic and holiday seasons, Green Fulfilment delivered exceptional results, exceeding accuracy goals with a near-perfect track record. Kudd.ly feels confident about future growth with a reliable and trusted partner.