Element E-Liquid

From Frustration to Fulfilment:

How Green Fulfilment Helped Element E-Liquids Vape Past Growing Pains

Building a Brand, Facing Challenges

Founded in 2010 by David Botton, Element E-Liquids was a pioneer in the UK vaping scene. David recognized the potential of vaping as a mainstream product and within a decade, established Element as a leading brand for premium e-liquids.

However, in 2013, rapid growth exposed shortcomings in their existing fulfilment service. Delays, inaccuracies, and a critical data breach caused by a conflicted partner eroded David’s trust in the industry.

Element E Liquid

The Challenge: Regaining Trust and Scaling Up

Green Fulfilment faced a two-fold challenge: rebuild David’s confidence in third-party fulfilment and ensure seamless order processing as Element’s business boomed.

A Solution Built on Honesty and Expertise

David recalls, “Green Fulfilment stood out from the start. Their honesty and transparency about potential challenges were refreshing.” The onboarding process, led by Sharon, was meticulous. Green Fulfilment meticulously segregated existing stock and created an accurate inventory picture.

Results: Efficiency, Accuracy, and Growth

Orders, both direct-to-consumer and for retailers, began shipping on time and accurately. Green Fulfilment’s expertise in handling complex orders ensured smooth fulfillment. “This rapid growth wouldn’t have been possible without Green Fulfilment,” David acknowledges.

The Takeaway: A Partnership for Success

Green Fulfilment’s commitment to transparency and efficient operations restored David’s trust in the industry. Their expertise allowed Element E-Liquids to navigate a period of explosive growth while maintaining exceptional customer service. This case study is a testament to the power of a strong partnership that prioritizes both honesty and results.

Lost Trust Regained
  • Element E-Liquids, a leading vaping brand, faced fulfilment issues and a data breach with their previous provider. Green Fulfilment’s transparent approach and honesty rebuilt trust in the 3PL industry.
Scaling Up for Success
  • Element experienced rapid growth, requiring a fulfilment partner who could handle increasing order volume. Green Fulfilment’s expertise ensured accurate and timely order processing, allowing Element to scale seamlessly.
A Partnership that Delivers
  • Green Fulfilment’s meticulous onboarding, efficient operations, and focus on customer service helped Element achieve their goals. This case study showcases the power of a strong partnership built on honesty and results.