Success Stories
Element E-Liquid
Element E-Liquids was started by David Botton in 2010 as one of the first vaping businesses to have arrived into the UK from USA. David had the vision to understand that vaping is not just a fad and would become a mainstream product in time to come. In the last 10 years, David was able to make Element as one the best-known premium vaping liquids in the industry in the UK. In 2013 David realised that his fulfilment partner was unable to deliver on the quality of service he anticipated, especially when the business started scaling rapidly. Further complications developed when their former fulfilment house promoter was found to have started his own e-liquids brand using Element E-Liquids data and assets to promote their own brand and therefore a big conflict of interest and data protection breach. Above all breach of trust.
Green Fulfilment had to restore David’s confidence in the 3rd Party Fulfilment industry by providing an honest partnership and ensuring that their new fulfilment partner was able to respond to the growth in the number of daily orders.
David said ‘The moment I spoke to Green Fulfilment in 2014 I felt there was that sincerity I so badly required.
The issue I had was to choose a partner who is honest about any potential challenges and errors and Green Fulfilment gave me the feeling that they were honest’. Green Fulfilment onboarded me brilliantly well through their team member Sharon and given the history with the old fulfilment house, Green Fulfilment managed to handle complex orders with ease and aplomb. The inbound team segregated stock painstakingly and then started build an accurate picture of inventory.
Orders started going out on time and accurately for both our end consumers as well as retailers. We were in the middle of this huge upswing as an industry and the business was expanding rapidly. I can say without exaggeration that this all would not have been possible without the expertise of the team at Green Fulfilment.