Streamlining Swag

How Green Fulfilment Helped Facebook Conquer Promo Chaos in 2016

The Challenge: London Calling (for Swag)

Facebook’s London office was drowning in a sea of swag. Fulfilling constant last-minute requests for promotional items from their main warehouse in Glasgow was a logistical nightmare. On top of that, shipping large quantities of materials to events across Africa presented a whole new set of hurdles.

Green Fulfilment to the Rescue!

We knew Facebook needed a hero, and Green Fulfilment was ready to answer the call. Here’s how we tackled the challenges:

Warehouse on the Thames: Closer to the Action

We helped Facebook consolidate and organise their promotional stock within a dedicated area of our warehouse. This meant readily available inventory for the London office.

Facebook Promotional Material Case Study

Ordering Made Easy: No More Late-Night Scrambles

Tired of all-nighters just to get swag out the door? We’ve all been there. That’s why we built a custom internal website for Facebook staff. This online platform became their one-stop shop for ordering swag items directly. No more late-night emails or frantic phone calls – just a few clicks, and their branded goodies were on their way.

Pre-Assembled Party Packs: The Ultimate Swag Dream Team

We understand the pressure of last-minute requests. That’s why we came up with a genius solution: pre-assembled “Party Packs.” Packed with an assortment of popular Facebook and Instagram swag (t-shirts, pens, mugs, you name it!), these packs were ready to roll at a moment’s notice. The London office never had to worry about assembling orders again – they just grabbed a Party Pack, and bam! Instant swag satisfaction.

The VR Headset Dash: We Deliver Under Pressure

Need 100 Samsung Galaxy VR headsets on short notice? No problem! We showcased our lightning-fast responsiveness by sourcing and procuring these for a Facebook event in record time. This is just one example of how we go the extra mile to exceed client expectations, even in the most time-sensitive situations.

The Results: Facebook Wins Big

By working with Green Fulfilment, Facebook saw a dramatic improvement in their promotional logistics:

  • Faster Fulfilment, Less Frustration: With the warehouse consolidation and internal ordering system, Facebook achieved significantly faster fulfilment times for swag requests in London. No more delays, no more frustration – just happy employees and satisfied event attendees.
  • Shipping Simplified: Our Party Pack system further streamlined the fulfilment process. Additionally, by proposing a pilot program with a customs broker, we aimed to minimise delays for shipments destined for African events.
  • Control & Visibility: The internal ordering system gave Facebook greater control over their stock management and provided valuable data for future planning. They could finally see exactly what swag they had on hand and what was in high demand.

The Takeaway: Green Fulfilment – Your Partner in Promotional Peace of Mind

This case study is a shining example of how Green Fulfilment develops customised solutions to tackle our clients’ unique logistical challenges. By collaborating with Facebook, we streamlined their promotional merchandise operations, ensured on-time deliveries, and empowered their London staff with a user-friendly ordering system.

Ready to say goodbye to promotional chaos? Contact Green Fulfilment today and let us help you achieve swag serenity!

London Calling, Swag Answering

Green Fulfilment helped Facebook establish an account to store their promotional material, eliminating delays and streamlining fulfilment for last-minute swag requests.

Party Pack Power

Pre-assembled “Party Packs” containing popular Facebook and Instagram swag became a game-changer, allowing the London office to grab-and-go for events, saving them precious time.

VR Headset Heroics

Green Fulfilment went above and beyond by sourcing and procuring 100 VR headsets at short notice for a Facebook event, showcasing their commitment to exceeding client expectations.