Duolingo Delivers Smiles to Volunteers Across the Pond

Keeping volunteers happy is key to any organization’s success, and Duolingo, the world’s most popular language learning app, knows this well. They have a fantastic group of volunteers who help them spread the love of languages. To show their appreciation, Duolingo used to send volunteers care packages filled with fun swag. But there was a bit of a snag.

The Challenge: Slow Deliveries and High Costs

Since Duolingo is in the US, and many of their volunteers are in the UK, those care packages took a long time to get there. This could leave volunteers waiting for a while, which isn’t exactly ideal. On top of that, shipping all those packages across the ocean was pretty expensive.

Duolingo wanted to find a way to get those care packages to their volunteers faster and for less. Luckily, a chance conversation with a shipping company pointed them in the right direction!

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The Solution: A European Fulfilment Partner

Here’s how things got better:

  • Speedy Deliveries: By partnering with a fulfilment company in Europe, Duolingo was able to store their swag closer to their UK volunteers. This meant much shorter travel times for those care packages, putting smiles on volunteers’ faces much quicker!
  • Happy Wallets: Using a European fulfilment centre also meant lower shipping costs. Shorter distances and potentially better shipping deals saved Duolingo money they could put towards other great things.
  • Thrilled Volunteers: Faster deliveries and lower costs added up to a much better experience for Duolingo’s volunteers. Happy volunteers are more likely to stick around and keep helping Duolingo grow!

A Win-Win for Everyone

In the end, Duolingo’s clever thinking and a chance conversation led to a win-win situation. Their volunteers got their swag faster, Duolingo saved money, and everyone involved was happy! This is a great story about how a bit of creativity can make a big difference.