Earth Day, April 22nd, 2022

Every April, millions of people around the world mark Earth Day to show support for the environment.

As the climate crisis becomes ever more serious, each Earth Day arrives with greater significance and as a leading logistics company, we’re committed to being mindful every day about the environmental crisis which features in the news daily.

Established in 1970 in the US, Earth Day on April 22nd brings together millions of people from around the world in support of the environment, highlighting the urgent action we need to take to save our planet and shine a light on the serious environmental problems we’re facing, from the climate crisis to air pollution and deforestation. 

After a report from the Intergovernmental Panel on Climate Change (IPCC) published in August last year, the experts described their findings as a “code red for humanity”, with scientists warning that temperatures are set to rise beyond 2°C compared to pre-industrial levels this century, a scenario which will have catastrophic effects worldwide.

This year’s theme is ‘Invest in Our Planet’ – a call for governments, businesses, and individuals to invest in a better future for the planet and this is something we are conscious of as we continue to implement more sustainable practises in our locations here in Glasgow.

Green by name, green by nature, we’re proud of the changes we’ve made so far, yet here is much to do and we continue to learn and adapt. Recent investments at Green Fulfilment include:

The introduction of sustainable packaging materials which are environmentally friendly, recyclable, and cost-effective

  • We continue to pack smart, considerately, and efficiently by avoiding large boxes or incorrectly sized for smaller packages wherever possible to reduce the carbon footprint of delivery
  • We are continuously investing in new technology to digitise our warehouse operations and standard operating procedures
  • We will go paperless this year, to reduce our carbon footprint even further
  • We are investing in our people with Green Champions training from Zero Waste Scotland
  • We continue to reduce single-use plastic use in our services and encourage all colleagues to avoid using single-use plastic wherever possible
  • We are investigating carbon offsetting projects and B Corp accreditation and will actively encourage our clients to join us as we continue our sustainable journey.

This April we’re focussing on the positive impact our people can deliver every day by encouraging our teams to shun single-use plastic, car share or cycle to us and we review all our processes monthly.

Earth Day is a great initiative to highlight the need for action now and with the latest research, The Medical University of Vienna has recently published a study in the journal Exposure & Health which suggests that on average, five grams of plastic particles enter the human gastrointestinal tract per person, per week. (!)

From the deepest depths of the ocean, microplastics appear to have invaded every bit of our lives, including the human gastrointestinal tract, lungs, and blood. It’s time for all of us to eradicate single-use plastic from our lives, now – both at work and at home and we’ll continue to reduce our usage.

We have signed the global plastics treaty and you too can do it here:

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Green by name, Green by nature. Everything we do, we do with the planet in mind.

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