What is Returns Management?

Returns management relates to the entire process of customers returning products and this is an important part of the e-Commerce process.

Why is Returns Management Important?
In a sustainable supply chain, product returns are inevitable. In fact, most logistics experts believe that for every ten products that are shipped, one will be returned. While this number may seem high, it’s quite normal and manageable if you have a good returns management system.

What about the Buyer?
According to Shopify, 67% of buyers check returns policies before parting with their cash and 72% of shoppers are willing to spend more, more frequently, with brands that make returns simple.

What about the Environment?
From an environmental perspective, returns management is extremely important. Every time a product is returned, it needs to be transported back to the supplier which creates unnecessary carbon emissions and waste.

A good returns management system is important for sustainable logistics, happy customers, and environmental conservation.

At Green Fulfilment, we can support you with every aspect of returns management. Our sustainable logistics solutions will help you to cut down on emissions, and our state-of-the-art software will ensure that your customers are happy with the returns process.

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