The Plastic Packaging Tax

What does the Plastic Packaging Tax means for your business?

As of the first of April, the Plastic Packaging Tax applies to finished plastic packaging manufactured in, or imported into, the UK where the plastic used in its manufacture is less than 30% recycled at a cost of £200 per metric tonne of plastic packaging.

This can be complex to understand, and recent research undertaken by YouGov, on behalf of waste management specialist, Veolia, has explored the views and concerns of UK-based senior decision-makers across manufacturing and retail businesses on the Plastic Packaging Tax.

Interestingly, the survey’s results showed that a very low 22% of the manufacturing and retail businesses asked, had already opted for recycled content in their packaging. It’s clear that to reach the UK’s Net Zero goals, many more businesses must reduce their reliance on virgin materials.

Industries across the board will be affected and the tax will make it essential that due diligence, care, and attention are paid to the recyclability of materials. Brand responsibility, credibility, and reputation is at stake, so it is crucial businesses know and trust the providence of their packaging and understand these changes.

Plastic packaging designed for use in the supply chain refers to packaging designed to be used in the supply chain from the manufacturer to the user or end consumer. It is used for the containment, protection, handling, delivery, or presentation of goods and if the packaging component meets this definition, it doesn’t matter if it is produced or imported for use in the supply chain of the goods, or by a consumer or user.

Examples in the scope of the tax include biscuit wrappers, clothes hangers designed for use in the supply chain, crisp packets, flexible food pouches, tags designed for labelling or pricing goods, pallet wrap, reusable plastic crates designed to deliver fresh fruit or baked goods, wrap designed to group products together for easier handling, such as shrink wrap around canned goods.

There’s no doubt that it will be a challenging period for many businesses while the new tax beds in – as well as the cost of the tax itself, there will be associated administrative costs for all businesses affected. 

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