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Kitting & Assembly
Kitting & Assembly
As an eCommerce business, you want to offer your customers the maximum flexibility and choice since you are not bound by four walls. Many of our customers combine different products into a new product with fancy packaging. We call these Kits, and the process, kitting and assembly. Sellers call these hampers or bundles. No matter what you call them, if you want to expand your revenue streams with existing product portfolio, our experienced kitting team is on hand ready to put your thoughts into Kits.
Curating your ideas into Kits
Kits or hampers can be a great revenue source particularly during the festive season. You may even have the type of product line where your products suit being bundled together and pre-assembled into Kits to save you on picking charges or for better presentation.
At Green Fulfilment, we have years of experience of not just putting a kit together, but curating them with the same love and care as you would do yourself.
How do we ensure consistency and presentation?
Products that are supposed to be used in the Kits are all booked into the stock. You are then able to go into the Green Portal and create Kits in the system. You may choose to only use part of your inventory to kit and use the rest to be sold as separate stand-alone products.
Once the number of Kits are agreed, the stock of the components of the kits is moved from storage to our rework area within the fulfilment warehouse. All our fulfillment warehouses have a dedicated rework zone segregated from the rest of the facility.
Your dedicated account manager will send you the first sample of the kit made to your specification. Once you approve the sample, Kitting begins. Kits will be booked into stock and be ready for shipping. You can monitor the Kit availability just like any other product through the Green Portal.
We have strict quality control procedures in place to ensure accuracy and consistency of the kits.
Add Margin and Value through hampers
By adding the products into visually pleasing packaging, you can charge a higher margin for the products.
You can also use kits to make your products more accessible from a price point perspective by charging less if bought in a bundle. This can expand your customer base or customer spend.
You can arrange to get a quote from your account manager per kit or work on an hourly basis. By giving you multiple charge options to assemble the kits, you can price your kits attractively, adding margin or expanding your customer base.
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