Times article choosing Green Fulfilment as a Rising Star

When we published our first Times Enterprise Network rising stars series this summer, profiling fast-growing SMEs based outside London, feedback from readers included suggestions of other emerging companies driving growth in their local areas. So in this instalment of rising stars we focus on businesses recommended by readers.

In this second instalment we look at three Scottish companies that are growing in building energy efficiency technology, hospitality and ecommerce order fulfilment.

Cain Fleming & Rukhsar Ahmed
Cain Fleming & Rukhsar Ahmed

Cain Fleming and Rukhsar Ahmed, co-founders of Green Fulfilment, took a leap of faith with seven of their hundred customers. It paid off Green Fulfilment, took a bet on fulfilling orders for ecommerce companies in 2016 and it has paid off handsomely.

Green Fulfilment’s turnover grew by 200 per cent to £5.3 million in the year to April 2021, having grown by 50 per cent in the year before that.