We Integrate with Shopify

Streamline and Automate Your Order Fulfilment

At Green Fulfilment, Shopify is one of the most popular connectors!

We help put your order fulfilment on auto-pilot so you can concentrate of what all small business owners need to – marketing and selling your product.

Our Shopify pre-built integration connects to your account in minutes. 

We then configure the connector settings to automatically download orders, sync inventory and upload shipment tracking information back to Shopify. Our integration specialists are on-hand every step of the way.

We can connect your account today and start fulfilling orders when we receive your inventory. Talk to us to get started.


Shopify WMS Integration
  • Automatically sync orders throughout the day
  • We Sync Inventory Figures so you don't oversell
  • When an order ships, we send the tracking number back to Shopify and can trigger an email notification
  • Sync Orders by Location
  • Filter Orders by Financial or Fulfilment Status
  • Ignore Non-Shippable Items
  • Tag Orders and Send Confirmation Emails
  • Create Filter Order Rules using Tags
  • Custom development & many more features available