What and How we do
Shopify fulfilment by Green Fulfilment
Put your Shopify fulfilment on an auto-pilot.
Our excellent integration with Shopify takes all the stress out of your fulfilment. You are freed up to concentrate on growing your business while we take care of your orders and keep your inventory accurate.
  • We integrate your store with our Green Portal within minutes.
  • Get your orders out to customers on time and accurately with our 99.9% guarantee.
  • Inventory syncs back to your store so you never sell a product you have not got in stock.
  • Enjoy personalized dedicated account management ..we are a phone call away.
  • Access all your key fulfilment metrics through Green Portal in a few clicks.
How does our Shopify fulfilment work?
Our dynamic pre built integration with Shopify with our Green Portal means you get your Shopify store up and running with us in minutes.
Initial one time set up with your shopify store
Once you have signed up with us we will create your account in the Green Portal. Once on, your onboarding manager will get the API keys from you for your store.
Our tech team will use these details to set up the connection through our API with your store within a few minutes.
We will ask you to put some test orders in and agree to ship methods to make sure orders are syncing in al lright. We will send tracking information back to your store through our API connection and make sure all is working fine prior to going live.
Your single or multiple Shopify stores or non Shopify stores can be integrated at the same time or afterwards as you please.
Never sell an out of stock item on shopify store
As part of the feature rich integration between our Green Portal and Shopify store, we sync back inventory to your store. Any movements in stock recorded in Green Portal are updated on Shopify and any other sales channels you have got connected to our Green Portal.
You can run multiple reports in the Green Portal about your inventory numbers, fast sellers vs slow burners and a lot more.
More About Green Portal
Benefit from our feature rich Shopify integration
Our Shopify integration is full of ready to be used features and we are adding more links regularly.
  • Imports sales orders
  • Option for stock sync
  • Updates tracking numbers
  • Updates despatched status
  • Imports products from Shopify (product sync)
  • Fraud checks
  • Imports personalisation data (property mapping)
  • Gifts notes can be mapped with additional setup
  • Supports webhooks for instant order sync & cancellations
  • Supports fulfilment & inventory sync from multiple locations