How e-Commerce Fulfilment Works

The e-Commerce industry has been booming in recent years, and it doesn’t seem to be slowing down anytime soon. This means that there is a growing demand for reliable and efficient storage and fulfilment services that can keep up with the demands of businesses.

Here’s a summary of how e-Commerce fulfilment works at Green Fulfilment.

o We provide sustainable storage solutions for your e-Commerce business.

o Our services are designed to be scalable and flexible, so that we can grow with your business.

o We use the latest technology and logistics solutions to ensure that your orders are fulfilled quickly and efficiently.

Goods In
Your stock is received by our team at our warehouses here in Glasgow. We then perform quality control reviews to ensure the stock is safe, secure, and free from damage. If it is damaged, you’ll be notified immediately.

We will work with you to find the most sustainable and cost-effective way to store your products. We have a range of storage solutions that can be adapted to suit your needs.

Stock management
We know that keeping track of your stock can be a challenge, especially as your business grows. Our team can help you to manage your inventory, so you always know what you have in stock and where it is. We can also provide regular reports on your stock levels, to help you plan. All your stock movements are controlled by our mobile technology and integrated with your eCommerce platform. This ensures that your inventory is always accurate and up to date.

Flexible storage
At Green Fulfilment we offer flexible storage options to suit your business needs. Perhaps during off-peak times of the year, you may need to reduce capacity to bring your costs down.


We operate our warehouses here in Glasgow under 24-hour surveillance; your stock is always safe and secure with us.

To find out more about our warehousing, storage services and e-commerce fulfilment, please get in touch.

Our team of experts are happy to discuss your specific requirements and provide a tailored quote.