Being Green
Green by name, Green by nature. Everything we do, we do with the planet in mind.
Our people are the key to our success. We have a very low rate of staff turnaround for a reason.
Our Go Green Platform coupled with the latest RF scanning technology drives accuracy.
Continuous improvement. Standard operating procedures are a cornerstone of what we do.

We are a friendly, flexible fulfilment company that works with you

We are here to make your life easy.

We specialise in order fulfilment and warehousing so that you can focus on driving sales and growth. If you grow, we grow.

We don’t like the black box approach. We love to talk. Our account managers are warehouse based, where your stock is. Got an urgent request? – You can pick up the phone, email or WhatsApp.

About us

We are taking small steps to make Earth a better planet

At Green Fulfilment we have always focused on protecting the environment by continually striving to update and expand our environmentally friendly practices.

By replacing waste with saving and recycling, we look toward a bright future free from all kinds of waste.

It’s not just about the bottom line – it’s about preserving the Planet.

We have replaced all plastic packaging and tape with paper alternatives.
We measure and reduce energy consumption across every department.
We are striving to become carbon negative by 2022.

eCommerce Fulfilment Services

Our systems allow you to fulfil orders to consumers and retailers from the same inventory. Additionally we can process your returns, rework your products, kit your gift boxes and if required, we can provide first class customer service to your end consumers.

B2C Fulfilment
B2C Fulfilment
We excel at shipping small to medium sized products. We integrate easily with website and marketplaces to put orders on autopilot.
B2B Fulfilment
B2B Fulfilment
Our experience shipping to larger retailers coupled with our EDI platform integration makes life easy. We are equipped & flexible enough to handle your retailer requirements & tight turnaround times.
Kitting & Assembly
Kitting & Assembly
Process driven kitting allows us to do your job quickly and accurately. Our flexible core team can scale quickly for larger kitting jobs.
Rework is where we make your products compliant for our warehouse or make a change to an outbound order such as gift wrapping. Re-barcoding, re-boxing, re-bagging, tagging, heat sealing and compliance labelling. 
Returns Management
Returns Management
We have a stringent returns process to grade and turnaround your inventory as efficiently as possible.
Customer Service
Customer Service
As an added service we can manage your front line customer service enquiries. We can white label our telephone and IT system to provide a seamless experience for your end customers.

What our Clients Say

Listening to our clients and measuring good and bad feedback is key to our success. We use Net Promoter Scoring to measure your overall satisfaction and regularly check in with you to continuously improve our service.

Success Stories

Our Team

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    Our platform connects to your website and marketplaces and you can log in anytime 24/7 to manage orders & inventory over all your selling channels and warehouses.


    Orders accumulate daily from your selling channels and when the warehouse opens, our team pick, pack and ship according to your requirements. Orders ship for next day delivery.


    We work with you to drive down shipping costs and fulfil orders on-time, every time. We value long term partnerships and work with brands that share the same ethos.