What & How we do
How do you get started with Green Fulfilment?
Once you have chosen us as your fulfilment partner, we start the onboarding process with you. Our Onboarding Team consists of experts who know the fulfilment process inside and out. Not only would you get started with Green Fulfilment, but you can use this as an opportunity for you to get great insights from a logistics expert into your own business.
We will talk about
How long does it take to go live
Once the housekeeping is out of the way we will take you through the next stages of onboarding.
We will give you a .csv template for you to populate your Product SKU’s and associated parameters like barcodes etc.
An integration team will run test orders with you prior to go live to make sure that an end-to-end testing is signed off ready for Go Live.
We can work with your branded packaging, or you can choose from our wide range of green packaging options.
Shipping Methods
We will agree with you the shipping rules making sure you get best shipping methods for your business and your customers satisfaction.
Once the stock is received, verified, and booked in, we are ready to go live.
Our technology platform Green Portal is super intuitive, but we will send you training videos or arrange an online session to get you up to speed.
This depends on the complexity of each customer, but on average take 2 weeks from the day you have signed the contract with us.