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Sports tech
About Sportstech
Sportstech is a global brand in fitness equipment. Blessed with German excellence, this brand sells across the world and is one of leaders in the sector within the UK as well.
Brexit presented a new challenge to this global business. The increased costs and delays in getting products to their UK customers meant that Sportstech had to look for a UK logistics partner that would be able to hit the ground running and offer the top-class service to align with their premium brand.
Swift onboarding
Being a fast-selling brand in general and a top seller in Amazon there was no option to have any downtime. In a week we had all the onboarding completed which included
  • setting the technology integration with our Green Portal
  • creating all the SKU data into the Green Portal
  • setting the most effective shipping methods for the orders
  • training the Sportstech staff on Green Fulfilment processes and the Green Portal
Fast shipping with accurate orders
Customers who had started getting affected due the Brexit delays felt elated with the massive improvement in service. From day dot until now we have achieved 99.99% order accuracy. Accuracy became even more significant for businesses who ship products that are bulky and unavoidably cost more to ship. Wrong orders shipped back on your own tab can cost a little fortune.
Responded to sudden spikes
During the Covid lockdowns, demand for some of the Sportstech products went through the roof. We responded on two fronts. Firstly, when the orders spiked, and we had stock available, we were able to get the orders out on time despite more than 200% increase in order volumes than normal.
Secondly, when these products ran out of stock, Sportstech took advance orders. When the stock of these products arrived, it needed to be booked on our Green Portal. We unloaded and booked container loads of stock into the Green Portal and on the same day we shipped hundreds of backorders from that stock.
Positive outcomes
Customers were delighted with the results of super-fast and super-accurate shipping. So much so that Amazon offered Sportstech an opportunity to join their Seller Flex Programme, which Green Fulfilment implemented successfully in partnership with Amazon and Sportstech.
Sportstech reinforced their reputation of being a top fitness equipment brand due to the support and responsiveness of Green Fulfilment.