Success Stories
Background Blankets are made with BPA-Free, non-toxic, tiny, round glass beads. They’re exceptionally soft and breathable, patented Microcool fleeces and also machine washable. were working with a fulfilment centre in the UK, but soon as the brand started to take off and sales surged, the fulfilment centre started lagging in orders and inventory started to be out.
As the product became increasingly popular, were finding it hard to keep up with the demand resulting in pre-orders requiring to be fulfilled as soon as stock arrived.
Green Fulfilment were to receive multiple container loads of stock, book them within 24 hours of receipt and start shipping pre-orders with a 4pm same-day order despatch.
The founders of Kuddly said “One thing we noticed straight away was the positive attitude of the team at Green Fulfilment.The way our Account Manager Rory immediately grasped the importance of the flow of incoming stock and pre-orders despatch management. Green Fulfilment hit the ground running with their personnel resources and booking additional trailers with carriers.“
“We were in the middle of the pandemic and approaching Christmas and the Green Fulfilment team booked stock and despatched orders within very tight deadlines and with remarkable accuracy, with less than 0.001% incorrect orders.“
“We feel as we grow, Green Fulfilment are growing with us and we have a partner we trust and enjoy working with immensely.“