Success Stories
About Aab
Aab was established in 2007 after identifying a gap in the market for clothing that is elegant, on trend and above all else, modest. Starting out as a fledgling label from London, today Aab is recognised as the ‘go to’ premium modest wear brand with a thriving online presence.
The name Aab is derived from the Persian translation for water. Water embodies the spirit of our collection, it’s both natural and it flows, has no borders or ethnicity.
In 2019 Aab had reached a decision point in terms of their logistics strategy. Responding to the continuous growth of the brand, Aab had already moved premises a couple of times. It was becoming challenging to keep moving to larger premises, that too in a place like London
Aab was also moving to a new website platform and wanted to automate some of the warehouse functions around the same time as the platform change to make best out the tech upgrade.
What did we do for Aab
Nothing modest about the growth of modest wear leaders
Within the first few months of their website re-platform and starting with Green Fulfilment, Aab was to further propel the already expanding business and Green Fulfilment as partners in fulfilment ensured there were no pains to respond to this meteoric growth and no compromise on their excellent customer experience.
Even though the order volumes went up 300%, the order accuracy rates Green Fulfilment delivered were 99.999%. With such accuracy levels the return rates dropped by 6% as well as a bonus.
Seamless tech upgrade
Having moved to a new website platform, Aab were keen to make sure that the new system and our technology platform the Green Portal work well together. With no extra costs to Aab, Green Fulfilment created an excellent stable connection with the website. We added a few bespoke elements to the mix like personalised delivery slips to go with the orders linked to the ordering country and not a standard one size fits all.
Expanded the sales channels
In 2021, Aab added retailers like John Lewis to their sales channels. Having never worked with John Lewis before, it was important that the Purchase Orders were fulfilled accurately and on time. Inventory accuracy was paramount to make sure none of the retailer orders are short stocked.
With the established B2B order fulfilment module of Green Fulfilment the service to John Lewis has been exemplary. The proof in the pudding being the roll out of the Aab brand in many more outlets of John Lewis.
Positive outcomes
Aab has grown over 300% in order volumes and now are a far bigger brand than when they started with Green Fulfilment. Moreover, their return rates are lower than they have ever been due to improved order accuracy and faster fulfilment times leading to less cancellations. Partnering with Green has freed up the time for Aab to focus on the growth of the brand.
Customer Testimonial from founder Altaf Alim
‘’Handing over your order fulfilment and returns management to a third-party is not a decision you take lightly nor a small feat, particularly when you are as customer obsessed as we are. We were initially anxious about the moving to a 3PL and how this would impact our customers experience, however moving to Green has been one of our best decisions in our growth journey.

Green Fulfilment has been a partner in the true sense of the word, from enabling us to transition to their warehouse with almost zero downtime, down to ensuring we continuously enjoy a high degree of flexibility and agility which is key for a high-growth ecommerce business.’’