What and How we do
Amazon fulfilment by Green Fulfilment
We can ship your Amazon orders and can also replace your FBA service.


  1. Get Amazon Prime fulfilment with our Prime ready fulfilment services.
  2. Quick Integration with Amazon within minutes.
  3. Get control back on your amazon sales with bespoke packaging and gift notes.
Amazon Orders and FBA Replacement
Amazon is a great sales channel but many Amazon sellers like to use a 3rd party fulfilment warehouses like Green Fulfilment to fulfill the Amazon orders due the strict policies of the FBA. You can also split and have some orders fulfilled by FBA and some Amazon fulfilment done by us. If you do want to do both, then we will be able to get your stock ready to be delivered into the FBA centres, including any FBA Prep service required.
Set up of Amazon fulfilment in few minutes
We can connect our technology platform Green Portal to your Seller Central Account by either giving you our details and you can simply copy paste them or you can produce an authentication code for us to get access and we can do it for you. Our tech team is going to run a few tests to make sure all the order data is coming into our Green Portal correctly and the other way around back to Amazon as well.
Green Portal integrations are ready for both Prime Fulfilment as well as Vendor Central. Amazon Prime and Vendor Central integrations are done exclusively by our tech team as there is a bit more to it than that regarding Seller Central Integration.
Once the orders have synced and we have fulfilled them, the order information syncs back to Amazon and closes the order as Dispatched and presents the tracking number of the carrier.
More About Green Portal
Keep your stock accurate on Amazon
The stock figures from Green Portal will sync with Amazon to make sure you are never selling products that are not in stock and cause negative reviews and Amazon censures.

Benefit from our feature rich amazon integration

  • Imports orders
  • Option for stock synchronization
  • Updates tracking numbers and despatch status
  • Option for VAT pricing breakdown on sales orders
  • Imports gift messages
  • Amazon Seller Fulfilled Prime Shipping Integration
  • Auto-create simple products – infinite stock enabled